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I know I can trust Jennifer because whenever she came to see me about insurance, I never felt pressured into purchasing an insurance policy. She always takes the extra effort to explain about any queries ...

Johnny Tan - Director

Lee yune yee

My experience with Jennifer has always been positive. Although I do not qualify for certain protection due to health complications; I appreciated that she did everything necessary to help me and whenever there are new possibilities...

Lee Yune Yee - Owner (Writer), Kopi 4 Copy

Catherine Yap

We really need reliable and efficient service from our insurance agent in times of crisis. The professional services by Aaron give me great confidence in Great Eastern, a true insurance provider that delivers its promises... Read more

Catherine Yap - Homemaker

Dr Dinesh Kumar

Her strength is her patience and her ability to explain the details. No matter what time of the day we call her, she is up there with a positive approach. She can explain things with such detail and has the ability to gauge her client in whatever situation he or she is in...

Dr. Dinesh Kumar Chellappan - Lecturer at IMU

Chiristopher Ong

This is what I like about an insurance agent, listen to your needs, evaluate, and recommend accordingly, most importantly is not being pushy and try too hard to seal the deal.

Christopher Ong - -


Wealth Protection

Regardless of which stage of life you're at, the first and most important step towards achieving your financial goals is protecting your current wealth. Find out how you can protect your wealth.
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Wealth Accumulation

If wealth protection is the first step towards achieving your financial goals, then the next step would be wealth accumulation. When establishing a budget, make sure to allocate a portion for savings and investment.
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Wealth Preservation and Distribution

As you accumulate your wealth, you'll need to take steps to preserve it as well. After all, when the time comes, you'll want to enjoy your retirement. So be ahead of the game and learn how to start accumulating your wealth.
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Dreaming Of A Career With A Difference?

If you've ever wanted a career that will allow you to pursue your dreams whilst providing you financial security, you've come to the right place. At GE Lifesavers what we do isn’t just a job...
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Why Join Us?

When smart people decide they want to achieve a major goal in life, they usually look for an experienced, knowledgeable mentor. That is just the kind of leader Aaron Gajaindaren is.
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Career: Rewards and Recognition

As a GE Lifesavers financial representative, you'll be rewarded plenty for your passion and drive, not only in terms of monetary gains but also with regards to personal satisfaction...
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