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GE Lifesavers Is Different From The Rest

How GE Lifesavers is different from the rest

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Here at GE Lifesavers, we apply time-tested strategies as well as employ the best expertise to provide you advice and make recommendations based on your priorities.  When you come to us, what you get is a one-of-a-kind plan that incorporates your priorities as well as our financial professional’s expertise and experience. In short, we’ll ensure your financial plan is built on a solid foundation that will protect you from the unexpected storms of life, as well as preserve and accumulate your wealth so that you and your loved ones can live life exactly the way you want to. Our solution incorporates 3 important strategies:




The bitter reality of insurance nowadays is that it's tough to find one that suits you. Gary however is one of the gems of this industry as he really listened and gave me a plan exactly to my needs.Read more

Shyuan - Asst. Marketing Manager, Rohto-Mentholatum

Joshua will try his best to keep you updated by constant updates and Josh never fails to advise promptly whenever I have any questions or queries regarding insurance plans.Read more

Lee Wee Ming - Communications Manager at Hong Leong