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You’ve probably gotten told many times, and have an idea yourself, that having insurance or some sort of protection scheme is important. If something happened to you, how will you ensure that your family is taken care of? How will you make certain that your current lifestyle is maintained or that your children will have the best in education? Still, with so many insurance or protection plans in the market, how do you know which one to choose? Should you go with an investment-linked plan or one that is wholly protection? What is the difference? Where do you go to for correct information?

So many questions yet no one place for all the answers. Until now that is. Because right here, we’ll talk about the different types of insurance or protection plans that are available and how each fulfills different needs. So let’s get started, shall we?

Generally, insurance or protection plans can be divided into five big groups depending on the purpose of the plan.

These are:

We’ll look into each of these but in case you don’t feel like reading every word (it always pays to be thoroughly informed though!), there’s a handy table at the end of each section that summarizes the characteristics of the different types of plans; you can look at this as a quick reference resource.


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