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Joshua puts in a lot of time and careful planning to make sure that I am well-taken care of at every stage of my life, and the main reason that I trust Joshua is because he really cares about other people, and always wants the best for them. Read more

I place my trust in Jennifer because of her sincerity and passion for the job. She has been very pro-active in handling my enquiries. She is committed to serve all her clients at the best interest of the clients… Read more

I have known Jennifer (Chai Chin) for over 3 years and have found her to be very reliable, responsive, and very knowledgeable in her work. I had approached her with my retirement planning concerns and she returned with explanation complete with charts and statistics.Read more

Today, I feel more secure with my retirement plan and I’m happy to say that my agent is not just an adviser but a good friend who I trust and admire as well…Read more

For years, I had been looking for a truly professional insurance agent who could give professional advice on medical and income protection that I need in times of crisis. I am pleased to have John Huo, a truly professional insurance agent to provide me a great service and financial advice.Read more

That night itself I signed up for my first plan, and over the years, Joshua was able to help me plan the best coverage as my needs evolved…Read more