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Catherine Yap’s Testimonial

Catherine Yap’s Testimonial

Catherine Yap


Catherine Yap
Home Maker

Servicing Agent:

Aaron Gajaindaren

Life is certainly very unpredictable. Never in my wildest nightmare, can I ever imagine that My Dearest Beloved Husband who was the sole breadwinner of the family passed away so suddenly on the eve of my birthday last year October 2015.

I was a happy home maker all these while and suddenly my whole world came crashing down and our lives were forever changed overnight. During one of those darkest moments; I received a call from Aaron who was referred to me by a friend. He was so kind, helpful and assuring.

I was so touched as I was not even his client in the first place; and to have Aaron rendering me the excellent service was really commendable. Another noteworthy praise was that I received my claim cheque within a month. We really need reliable and efficient service from our insurance agent in times of crisis. The professional services by Aaron give me great confidence in Great Eastern, a true insurance provider that delivers its promises.

I strongly encourage everyone to get insured as tomorrow is never promised to us. My family and I have move on since after the sudden and unexpected demise of My Beloved Husband; and that was possible because we had insurance.


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