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Christopher Ong’s Testimonial

Christopher Ong’s Testimonial

Chiristopher Ong


Christopher Ong

Servicing Agent:

Joshua Megan

I have known Joshua for more than 10 years by now. We attend the same church and I knew him since we were little. Overall, I knew him as a genuine, kind, trustworthy person. He respects the elderly and provides for his family. As the eldest son in the family, he works very hard to provide the best for his parents and his siblings. He is indeed a very responsible person.

When I first met him and he shared with me on why he decided to be an insurance agent, I found this person very motivated in what he do, passionate, and continuously driven in his fulfilling his goals. Few years ago before I got the first policy I bought from him, I like the way he explain the benefits of the policy without stressing too much on the financial aspects, he focus on emphasizing what will the policy benefit me and it’s not necessary to pay high premium in order to get the best coverage. This is what I like about an insurance agent, listen to your needs, evaluate, and recommend accordingly, most importantly is not being pushy and try too hard to seal the deal.

He constantly find ways to better understand my needs and for that I am appreciative of his efforts. Whenever I have queries on my policies or any issues faced, his response time was quick and gets back to me within 24 hours. I find this really important because as an insurance agent, he/she must constantly be there for the customer and support them whenever needed. I would strongly recommend this agent as your agent choice based on the reasons above.

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