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Dr Dinesh Kumar’s Testimonial

Dr Dinesh Kumar’s Testimonial

Dr Dinesh Kumar


Dr. Dinesh Kumar Chellappan
Lecturer at IMU

Servicing Agent:

Jennifer Yee

Having known Jennifer Yee for so many years now, I can confidently say how sincere and reliable person she is for us as an agent of Great Eastern. Such a warm and friendly person, she is always there when we needed her, may it be to enquire about a plan or to ask a random query. She holds herself up and always greets us with a polite smile. As a dedicated agent, she makes sure that we are comfortable and satisfied with the plans. She is professional, clear and straight-forward in her approach, which made her reliable.

Her strength is her patience and her ability to explain the details. No matter what time of the day we call her, she is up there with a positive approach. She can explain things with such detail and has the ability to gauge her client in whatever situation he or she is in. Irrespective of age, she can explain the intricate points in the policies and make us understand the benefits and drawbacks of a certain policy or a plan which we were interested. It is indeed her gift of explaining, her communication skills and keeping things to the simplest form, attracted us to buy a plan from Great Eastern.

Another positive attribute of her is that she gives us a range of plans with all the possible financial implications, which really helped us to choose the plan which we wanted. In other words, Jennifer Yee makes things so simple for us, that it becomes really easy for us to choose the right plan. She makes a much personalised plan as per our requirements and financial expectations. Not to forget her knowledge of the products, she is well updated with new information, and informs us the mandatory changes whenever required.

Moreover, when it came to claims, we had excellent support from her in helping us get the claim without much hassle. All these qualities make her a reliable and trustable person. I have no hesitations to introduce her to my family members and friends.

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