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Johnny Tan’s Testimonial

Johnny Tan’s Testimonial

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Johnny Tan

Servicing Agent:

Jennifer Yee

I was referred to Jennifer Yee by an acquaintance in the early part of 2011. Since I did not personally know Jennifer at that time, I was not sure what to expect from my encounter with her. In the past I have been serviced by numerous insurance agents who did not last long and would eventually quit leaving me without anyone to see to my insurance needs. That all changed when I met Jennifer Yee who is an insurance agent from Great Eastern. I found her to be dedicated to her work and she has a pleasant disposition.

I know I can trust Jennifer because whenever she came to see me about insurance, I never felt pressured into purchasing an insurance policy. She always takes the extra effort to explain about any queries about a particular product and she will always present alternative proposals as comparisons. I totally felt comfortable with her and throughout the years I ended up buying six policies for myself and my family. Jennifer Yee would make every effort to keep me abreast of my policies and update me on the latest products available from Great Eastern. It is because of her good work and my trust in the Great Eastern brand that I feel rest assured of the future of my family in the event of any unforeseen tragedy that may befall me.

It is without any doubt that I would recommend Jennifer Yee to anyone as their insurance agent because of my personal experience with her for five years now and during that time, I find her to be reliable, trustworthy, pleasant and most importantly knowing that she will take care of my family’s needs should the need ever arise.

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