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Lee Yune Yee’s Testimonial

Lee Yune Yee’s Testimonial

Lee yune yee


Lee Yune Yee
Owner (Writer) – Kopi 4 Copy

Servicing Agent:

Jennifer Yee

Jennifer was one of the seniors in university that I looked up to. Excellent student aside, she was also very friendly and took time to get to know someone; it is true till today. Her kindness and willingness to go the extra mile is testament of pure sincerity and her big heart. May I also add that Jen is a wonderful mom as I interact with her two boys; it is very encouraging to see how positive their attitudes are – a result of a parenting approach that nurtures lovingly!

She has an intuitive nature and yet is very discerning and wise to communicate what she felt; in a non-imposing or judgmental manner which makes her trustworthy. Jennifer does what is first and foremost – listen. For skills can be learnt but an attitude is inborn and takes time to cultivate.

My experience with Jennifer has always been positive. Although I do not qualify for certain protection due to health complications; I appreciated that she did everything necessary to help me and whenever there are new possibilities she will let me know and what I find assuring is she will draw up plans that are most suitable for me at present time and not to burden me for her personal gain.

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