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Why Is Financial Planning Important

Why is financial planning important?

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Many of us tend to think that financial planning is for the rich. The truth is, proper financial planning is for each and every one of us – whether you’re fresh out of college, working hard to achieve that lifelong dream or steadily approaching retirement.

Having a financial plan helps in two very important ways: one, you’re ensuring the means to achieving your goals, which can range from making sure your children get the best education you can afford, to getting to buy that yacht you saw in a documentary the other day. Good financial planning makes these goals achievable. Two, with a financial plan in place, you’re going to feel a lot more confident living life exactly the way you want to. A safari trip in Tanzania, that car you’ve always wanted – you’ll be a lot more confident going for the things you want because you’ll know exactly where every bit of your money is going and that you’re covered should life throw you a curveball.


On the personal side, I found Jennifer to be friendly & helpful. Ever willing to listen in order t better understand her client's needs. She is also patient in walking a client through the various comparisons, terms & technicalities which can be very intimidating to someone not within the industry.

Michael Liew - Brand General Manager

Dr Dinesh Kumar

Her strength is her patience and her ability to explain the details. No matter what time of the day we call her, she is up there with a positive approach. She can explain things with such detail and has the ability to gauge her client in whatever situation he or she is in...

Dr. Dinesh Kumar Chellappan - Lecturer at IMU

Not only was the review service effective in organizing my insurance portfolios and addressing my needs precisely, it was also done in professional and friendly manner.

Lee Chai Hoon - Researcher - TNB Researcher Sdn Bhd

...Through his explanations, I was then aware certain policies may be better structured, at the same premium outlay, to ensure my family and myself receive the most optimal coverage benefits. The professionalism, patience to explain and ensuring my best interest was taken care of provided me the confidence...

Steven Chin - General Manager - BioLife Marketing

He has been a great person with great integrity and I admire his work ethic. He is very trustworthy and provides excellent service. He made the process of dealing with insurance easy and painless.

Joyce Jemima